How To Choose The Best Bicycle Accident Lawyer


Bicycle accidents can lead to significant injuries. If you have been involved in a bike accident, it is crucial to retain the services of a knowledgeable and experienced bicycle accident lawyer to represent you. While there may be several attorneys in your area claiming to handle bike accidents, not all of them possess the necessary qualifications. Investing time in finding the best-suited lawyer for your case is a valuable undertaking. Here, we provide recommendations on how to locate the optimal bike accident lawyer to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation.

Finding the Best Bicycle Accident Lawyer

While it's true that any attorney can claim to handle bicycle accidents, not all lawyers possess equal experience in this particular domain. The ideal attorney will assess your case, maintain open and honest communication, provide guidance throughout the process, and strive to secure the best possible result. Here are the essential qualities to look for when seeking representation.

Seek Recommendations and Referrals

The most reliable way to find a lawyer is through local referrals. If you have previously engaged an attorney for matters like divorce, wills, or home purchases, it is beneficial to seek their recommendation for a trusted bike accident attorney. These referrals often carry a high level of reliability. Another valuable resource is your local bar association, which typically offers a referral service that connects individuals with attorneys specializing in bicycle accidents. These referral programs frequently conduct rigorous vetting of participating attorneys to ensure their expertise and competence.

Bar associations frequently feature subject area practice committees on their websites, facilitating networking among attorneys who specialize in specific legal domains. When seeking a bike accident attorney, pay attention to the present and past chairs of the personal injury or automobile accident committee. These attorneys are typically highly respected within their professional community and boast considerable expertise in this specific field of law.

Look for an Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer

You don't want to be a learning experience for your lawyer. Rather, you seek an attorney with a wealth of experience in handling numerous bicycle accident cases. It is essential to ensure that they possess specific expertise in bike accidents, distinguishing them from attorneys who primarily focus on cases involving cars, motorcycles, or pedestrians. Bicycle accidents constitute a distinct area of law that necessitates specialized knowledge and understanding.

Ask About Success Rates

Inquire about the prospective attorneys' success rate in handling cases. Seek information regarding the settlements and awards they have secured for their clients. Additionally, ask about the number of cases they have successfully settled or won in the past year. This will provide valuable insights into their skill level and depth of experience.

Look for a Contingency Contract

A reliable bicycle accident lawyer will never request upfront payment from you. Reputable accident attorneys typically handle cases on a contingency basis, meaning they only receive payment if they successfully win or settle the case on your behalf. Generally, their fee amounts to approximately one third of the awarded compensation, although this can vary depending on the specific attorney. It is possible that you may be required to cover filing fees, which can either be paid separately or deducted from the final award. It is crucial to always have a written retainer agreement in place with your attorney to ensure clear understanding of the terms and conditions of the representation.

Preserve Your Legal Rights With a Lawyer

At the time of your bicycle accident, you likely provided a statement for a police report to provide your account of what happened and a record of any damages you sustained. Since the accident, the reality of the extent of your injuries and other damages may have become more apparent.

So get advice before you talk. Anything you say to police, investigators or insurance companies can be used against you in your case. Because of this, it is important to consult with an attorney before you do anything.

Interview Several Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Make appointments with three to five lawyers. Just as you would not buy a car without test driving several models, you should not hire an attorney without meeting with several. Take the time to determine if you feel comfortable with the person, if their staff is friendly and if you feel confident in their abilities.

Find out Who Will Handle Your Case

Be sure to meet and talk to the person who will be handling your case at that firm. The person doing intake may be different. Ask them how many bicycle accident cases they personally handle per year (as opposed to how many the firm handles). Get a feel for whether you like that attorney or not.

Learn the Timeline of Your Bicycle Accident Case

Find out how long they expect the case will take. Ask them what steps may be involved and whether they think the insurance company will settle. Ask if they think your case is one that could be quickly settled or might be protracted.

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